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For those of you that have been blessed with the opportunity to be around horses, you will understand the

gift that they give us by allowing us to be a part of their herd, despite their better instincts. They have

allowed us to step into their world and learn from them. From the young age of 3, Kendra was fortunate

enough to grow up with horses, and later they would become her greatest teachers in life. Kendra’s

journey began by learning most of her skills from her father who passed down knowledge from

generations of cattle ranchers and horse trainers. Kendra is a 4th generation horse trainer on her dad’s

side. It all started with her great grandfather Travis Werner who was a ranch hand and horse trainer in the

early 1900’s. In the days where “breaking” horses was about the only method, he believed in gentling

horses, and earning their trust. He knew that to do his job to the best of his ability, checking cattle,

doctoring sick cows, roping, etc. he needed a partner he could rely on. He believed in taking the extra

time to build trust with his horses. In turn they would do their work together to the best of their ability.

Travis Werner passed down his knowledge of horse training to his son, and continued down the line to

Kendra’s father John Werner. 


Alongside her father Kendra grew up training and showing horses in many different disciplines from

western pleasure, rodeo, to show jumping, and working ranch horse. Kendra always had an interest at a young age

in horse training. The horses she grew up competing with were not perfect in fact they were far from it,

but that only made Kendra into a better horseman. Learning to communicate clearly and build trust with

her horses was what made her successful in competitions growing up. Although it would have been nice

to have had fully trained horses, she does not regret for one second having to earn her accomplishments

as a team with the horses she trained. Kendra competed in 4-H and AQHA Futurity competitions with the

young horses she trained. This was an amazing opportunity for her to learn the patience and dedication it

takes to start a horse from the ground up, and well to be honest she definitely learned how to step back

on when you’ve been bucked off. Kendra proceeded to attend New Mexico State University where she

received her degree in Agricultural Business and Economics and a minor in Marketing. During her time at

college, Kendra was on the NMSU Ranch Horse Team, that traveled all over the South and Midwest

region, competing in working cow horse, trail, ranch horse pleasure, and reining. In 2012 her team ranked

3rd  overall in the nation.  


Kendra works closely with Trina Cox, a Natural Therapeutic Specialist who is a certified Holistic

Kinesiologist and Equine Positional Release Practitioner. She has mentored Kendra for the past 6 years.

During this time, Kendra has developed a keen understanding of equine behavior - physically and emotionally.

She is able to see beyond the behaviors causing "problem horses" and identify when a horse is trying

to communicate physical discomfort or other underlying issues such as a mental block.  


Self-employed and owner of Out of the Woods Horsemanship, LLC; she specializes in rehabilitating

rescue horses and creating clear communication between human and equine. Kendra has successfully

been training horses as a career in the Edgewood area for 6 years now. Thru her experience and life

lessons Kendra has developed her own way of horse training that revolves around “horse’s time” and

focuses on a gentle approach to healing the horse.  She specializes in creating awareness of the big

picture with you and your equine, by teaching you how to step into the present world they live in.

Eliminating the human agenda that all too often creates a wall between you and your horse.  She believes

in slowing things down and simplifying, so that as a horseman you can become aware of what your horse

is trying to tell you. 


In addition to running Out of the Woods Horsemanship, Kendra is the Head Trainer at Walkin N’ Circles

Rescue ranch, and has been for 2 years now. Her job is to teach volunteers how to successfully create a

relationship with the horses and further their training so that they can be adopted into their forever homes.

She works closely with all the horses to move them past their trauma and forward to having a job that

gives them self-confidence and security. Kendra is extremely grateful for the opportunity to provide

horses in need with a new life. It is extremely rewarding each time she can lend a hand in a horse’s

journey to their forever home. Working with rescue horses creates an environment of change, no two

horses are alike, and because of that Kendra steps up to the challenge. She is constantly learning from

the horses and is continuing to grow alongside the greatest teachers… in her opinion on this Earth.

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