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Saddle fit, Bits, and Equipment Clinic





Stanley Cyclone Indoor Arena

(22 W. Kinsell Stanley NM)


2019 Dates:

October 5th

Your horse is your partner, and you want to ensure that they are just as comfortable as you are when your riding. No matter your discipline, trail riding to barrel racing it is important your equipment isn't hindering your horses performance. This clinic will go over in detail how the western saddle is built to function, and the different choices you have between saddles, blankets, and cinches to fit every type of horse build. Kendra's experience working with so many breeds of horses, has given her insight into how important it is to have tack that fits the horse comfortably especially in training. When we are training our horses, we don't want to discourage them from learning simply because our bit is pinching the corner of their mouths, or your saddle is causing low circulation. This clinic will cover the anatomy of the horse and how our tack fits on their body. 

This clinic will cover the following topics:

  • Western Saddle fit (actual horses of different shapes and sizes will be present)

  • Cinches

  • Different types of bits, and the show rules that apply to them

  • Safety boots and Leg equipment

  • Saddle Blankets

  • Headstalls and the proper fit

  • Anatomy of the horse in respect to the saddle

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