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Out of the Woods Cattle

Do you know where your beef comes from?

Our Ranch



Our Registered Hereford Cow/calf operation is located in EstanciaNew Mexico. Our cattle are raised on native grass pasture and supplemented with quality wheat hay in the winter season. Keeping our herd happy and healthy ensures the quality of beef produced. No antibiotics, and hormone free.

Our beef is proccesed at Edes Custom Meats in Amarillo,Texas (Federal USDA inspected plant) . A custom processing plant with more than 40 years experience. Edes provides custom cuts to your exact specifications,and vacuum packs to ensure long shelf life in your freezer.

Whole or half beefs available upon reservation with a deposit. Prices include free delivery to your door. (within 100 mile radius of Albuquerque) A whole beef will typically have a hanging weight of 600-700 lbs. requiring a freezer of approximately 14-16 cubic feet. 


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What is "hanging weight"?

The price of our beef is based on the hanging weight. The fees paid to the processor are based on this weight. Hanging weight refers to the weight of the initial harvesting of the steer but before the final cutting and trimming after it has been dry-aged. This weight in pounds is what will determine your price. 


How long will your beef dry age for?

Our beef is dry-aged for 21 days. This ensures quality tenderness in your beef. 


What quality grade is your beef?

How do you ensure that?

Our beef is rated at Choice. Our cattle are grass-fed and grain finished. Naturally raised,no hormones,and no antibiotics. Kendra Werner is also certified by the New Mexico Beef council in Beef Quality Assurance to bring you the best possible to your table. 


What does the price


The final cost of what you pay for your beef includes the cost of the beef, processing, custom cut and packaging in cryovac vacuum seal , delivery to your door (100 mile radius of Albuquerque).

Call Kendra at 505-306-1511 for a quote.  

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How do I reserve a beef?

Please contact Kendra to reserve your steer at 505-306-1511. When you reserve your a steer you will be asked for a non refundable deposit that will go towards the final cost of your beef. 

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How soon can I expect to receive my beef?

Our beef are started on grain at approximately 700 lbs. Then the steer has grain added to their diet for 6 months with the goal weight of about 1250 lbs. Once this weight is achieved they will be taken to the processor and dry age for 21 days. In short once your beef is ready to be processed it will take about 30 days for delivery to your door. 

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