"Cow Sense" 

Working Cow Horse Clinic's

Duration: One day Clinic (10am-4pm)

Location: Stanley Cyclone Indoor Arena

(22 W. Kinsell Stanley NM)

-Max of 8 Participants

-Auditors welcome

2021 DATES:

APRIL 17TH-Booked

MAY 23RD- Booked

JUNE 19TH-Booked

Working cows is a fun way to keep you and your horse in the moment. Cattle give your horse something to focus on and channel their energy in a productive way. As a rider it helps you to focus on a goal, and in turn let your horse do their job without micro-managing their every move. These clinics will provide insight into reading cattle’s body language, tracking, sorting, boxing, and pushing them down the fence. Each participant will have the chance to work live cattle. You will also learn drills and practices to perform with your horse without cattle in order to build the foundation they need to be most successful working cows. Any rider can participate, no experience required.  

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